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They have three daughters and five grandchildren and are active in the community and their church.

(Outskirts Press, 2017), which he wrote after spending six weeks doing research on the Harvard campus.

After he was discharged in 1953, he received notice that he had earned the Bronze Star; it never came.

This year, he contacted US Representative Bill Foster’s office for help.

For 25 years, he worked at Landmark Education as chair of faculty, and for 15 years he was the principal of Golden Gate Consulting. He pursued his Fulbright award this past year at the University of Potsdam in Brandenburg, Germany, completing a project that focused on providing multicultural education and critical thinking programs for graduate teacher training students who will be working with the immigrant and refugee communities in Germany and greater Europe.

The Fulbright Specialists Program was created in 2000 to complement the traditional Fulbright Scholar Program, and provides academic opportunities to prominent US professionals to support guest lectures, master classes, and performances at academic institutions around the world.

These two installments are the sixth and seventh releases in the collection, and “cover 100 milestone thrillers depicting theft, chicanery, treachery, court intrigue, incest, kidnapping, and murder,” Amnon writes.

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Peter served with the Army’s 58th Field Artillery Battalion, 3rd Division, and was eventually promoted to first lieutenant.The fictional account is inspired by a screenplay he wrote as a young man. As a young man from Roxbury’s Mission Hill housing project, I attended DGE on the GI Bill (Korean War), and that gave me the education to start a very productive life.Neil also has master’s degrees in interdisciplinary studies in education and in counseling psychology and a doctorate in public policy. Without BU, none of my own life story would have been possible.” Frederick Ricci (SED’65,’72) of Fort Lauderdale, Fla., a former program professor of education at Nova Southeastern University and a former distinguished professor at Georgetown University, was a recipient of the prestigious Senior Fulbright Specialist Award.Susheel recently won five international film festival awards, a broadcast Telly, and a screening at Cannes for her documentary on Mary Pleasant, known as the “mother of civil rights” in California. J., showed her art in a solo exhibition at Johnson & Johnson’s corporate headquarters in New Brunswick, N. The Walkers’ disputes shed light on the Progressive Era, a critical period in the evolution of American culture.Susheel performed recitals this past fall in California; she won the first Willis Patterson Award from the International African American Art Song Alliance for the research she conducted for her recitals and films. The book is based on court documents, correspondence between the principals, Nina’s journal, and interviews with descendants.Amnon Kabatchnik (COM’54) of Santa Monica, Calif., published two new installments in the fall in his celebrated Blood on the Stage series: Blood on the Stage, 1600 to 1800: Milestone Plays of Murder, Mystery, and Mayhem and Blood on the Stage, 1800 to 1900 (Rowman & Littlefield, 2017).

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