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This paints America soldiers as the bad guys while failing to acknowledge how the Viet Cong, Khmer Rouge, and other communist Insurgents did the same thing to a far larger scale. The film greatly over-hypes this risk of a nuclear accident (or meltdown) and the resultant damage.This film, along with the Three Mile Island incident (which occurred shortly after the film's release), are both credited for killing the nuclear power industry in America.It was the first ever film to be shown at the White House under Democrat President Woodrow Wilson, and it significantly influenced his already-racist core to segregate the White House and various departments.What looks like a romantic comedy actually encourages the false idea that liberalism must be established and conservatism abolished in America, as the main character follows up on his absurd vow to move to Canada if George W. This radically anti-Vietnam War biographical film was produced and directed by communist sympathizer Oliver Stone, starring Tom Cruise as paralyzed Vietnam War vet-turned-anti-Vietnam War leftist protester and communist sympathizer Ron Kovic.2010 film rehashes the lead up to the war in Iraq and Valerie Plame's role.It's a typical un-American Hollywood film with "The narrative that Karl Rove and Dick Cheney's Chief of Staff Scooter Libby were nefarious behind-the-scenes players intent on destroying innocent reputations while pushing the nation into war on false pretenses." There's also no mention of Iraq Liberation Act which was signed by Bill Clinton five years before the war in Iraq.Despite its name the movie is a rip-off of the conservative film Falling Down, this "comedy" has a miserable man and his foul-mouthed nihilist girl sidekick summary executes Tea Party members, a Fox News like-host, Christians, and other conservative stereotypes.

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What are your experiences with the silent treatment?

Most audiences were shocked at the crudity of the messages.

Another Bush bash flick starring Communist Sean Penn.

Does your husband, wife or intimate partner use the silent treatment when upset about something? The silent treatment or "stonewalling" refers to someone who is letting you know that something is wrong without telling you why.

The silent treatment is one of the most damaging relationship problems. If you ask if anything is wrong, you are met with silence.

Johnson is a good example of a historical revisionist film, palatable for liberals' regressive dominion of the media.

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