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One of the experts, Betti Watters, was a 30-plus-year advocate for young women and head of Teen Pregnancy Mississippi Campaign.A tiny powerhouse of a lady in her 60s with perfect white platinum hair and pearls, Watters started her career in social work specifically in the area of adoption."The Legislature should speak directly to the recognition of the legal status of children born during a marriage as the result of assisted reproductive technology," Waller wrote.

But when the subject was mentioned, she laughed and rolled her eyes.

— Mississippi's Supreme Court ruled Thursday that a woman has parental rights to a 6-year-old boy born to her ex-wife when the two were married, in a case watched by gay rights activists and groups aiding in vitro fertilization.

Christina "Chris" Strickland brought the appeal, challenging a lower court decision that an anonymous sperm donor still had parental rights and that Strickland did not.

But Attorney Beth Littrell, who works for the Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund, said Strickland had a much inferior status to legal parenthood.

Day's lawyer argued that sperm and egg donors should have legal rights and that when a child is conceived through artificial means, a second parent is more akin to someone who is adopting a child.

These subjects are rarely mentioned individually in polite Southern company -- the idea of discussing them all at the same time took on an air of scandal.

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