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Comedian and voice actor Carlos Alazraqui, who later worked with Miller on her KABC radio show, and is now a regular guest on her current radio program (Coffee with Carlos), was part of the Irregular Regulars sketch comedy group on Miller's television show.

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Along with her radio show, in 1997 for approximately a year, Miller began co-hosting the CNBC television show Equal Time, as the liberal counterpoint to conservative Bay Buchanan.

Levin "hired her as soon as I heard her tape.", and in 1985 she went to WCMF to work as "Sister Sleaze" on the Brother Wease Show. I let her fly, and we had a ball." Instead, in 1994 she began her talk radio career when was hired by talk station KFI in Los Angeles, initially for her own weekend show which quickly became a weeknight radio show where Miller achieved high ratings.

Speaking about Miller, Levin has been very complimentary, noting "She's very manic, very bright, very funny and creative." While working with Miller, in reply to friends asking Levin "how come you give that girl so much mike? During the show, as she had on her earlier stations in Rochester and New York City, Miller would sometimes call her mother (also named Stephanie) in upstate New York on the phone, and her mother would also co-host when she came to visit in-person. That's when I guess I started to get political, and I started to realize more of my liberal leanings." She states that her turning point in terms of being outspoken about politics came in August 1992, when she heard Pat Buchanan's gay-bashing "culture wars" speech at the Republican Convention. It changed everything for me." Unlike other late night television talk shows, the show had no band, no desk, a studio audience with nightclub-style seating instead of theatre-style seating, conversations with the audience via video phone, and pre-taped sketches starring Miller as real-life characters.

She later said that she didn't enjoy her time on [[Equal Time "very much" and that Buchanan would only talk to her when the camera was on.

She left Equal Time in 1998 to become the original host and a writer for the Fox Family channel program Show Me the Funny, until 1999.

The comedy album, Stephanie Miller's Sexy Liberal Tour, Vol. It became the first album to reach #1 on the comedy charts for i Tunes,, and Billboard.

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