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The guide spans the spectrum of questions like casual vs.serious, contraception, meeting the parents and blind dating.Being a girl, I have experienced my fair share of unwanted attention in bars and clubs the world over.As a western girl, part of me is relieved that the attention seems to have dwindled living in Guangzhou, but I don’t know if it’s down to the combination of the food and climate over here that have left me looking like a less sparkling version of myself, because the abundance of exotic Chinese beauties on offer are more attractive, or because everyone gets together using apps nowadays.There are many foreigners that come here, and for the first half a year they just go for any kind of girl – average looking - because the beautiful ones would never go for a foreigner, they want a rich Chinese guy who can give them the things a foreigner could never offer to them (beautiful car, money, security, etc).

My friend had scored himself a Chinese girlfriend for the week using no more than a profile picture and a few sentences in English.

There are so many single people roaming the streets of Guangzhou looking for a quick hook-up or something more. It's , the day single Chinese people covet for their online and in-shop bargains, but what about the ones that don't care about shopping and just want love, for one night or eternity?

Our sister site, City Weekend Suzhou, has put together a much-needed ultimate China Dating Guide, for all you confused lotharios and wanting women.

European girls think they can drink more than me, then they throw up afterwards. On the other hand, there is a big difference in mentality; if I want to have a relationship, I probably won’t choose a Chinese girl because there is nothing to talk about; their horizons are just not very broad.

Is it easy for a foreign guy to pick up a Chinese girl?

To get another perspective on dating in Guangzhou, we decided to ask a single western man how he goes about picking up girls here and also the perspective of a couple of Chinese girls on what they think about dating western men.

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