Shia labeouf and lindsay lohan dating Dirtysexchat


The problem at hand was that the images leaked when she was the fresh-faced star of Disney's biggest tween franchise, and they made her prostrate herself at the altar.

Vanessa sort of had to grin and bear it, approximately until her unceremonious breakup with Zac Efron in 2010.

But NOPE, she’s botched every lip injection and comeback opportunity in the past decade.

That, and Harmony Korine’s You just can’t unsee Vanessa playing tonsil hockey with Ashley Benson and then a grill-mouthed, corn-rowed James Franco. To date, she doesn’t really do anything more extreme than your garden variety 28-year-old celebrity.

Actor Shia La Beouf is recovering from hand surgery today, after an early Sunday morning car accident.

After rolling his truck, and seriously injuring his hand, the 22-year-old actor was booked by the Police on a misdemeanor charge of driving under the influence and taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center for treatment.

In reality, her bad behavior seems to have spiked around the end of 2016.

Between stripping down for Snapchat, sticking her tongue down everyone’s throat (also for Snapchat), and getting nipple (ouch) and septum (which is just objectively bad taste) piercings she’s gone from 0 to 100 real quick.

But is there a scientific timeframe that could be applied to the Disney stars who went bad, or is it simply personal?

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