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"Or, have someone call 911 while you're recording."While Shearer could not comment on Ford's case specifically, she said the department has a number of options regarding the care of a child as a parent awaits a child abuse-related court appearance.

Police, and CPS if called upon, will look at the case on an individual basis, and see if next-of-kin is a proper option for the child.

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Unable to catch the officer's attention, Smith said she forwarded the video to police that evening, and she'd also posted it to Facebook.

I didn't use all of their ideas, though -- so if something about this story irritates you, it's definitely NOT their fault. ***** I was fifteen years old when my father was killed in a car crash. " she gasped, blindly pushing me away before she rose and fled, stumbling from the room.

I've never liked the title "Spanking Mom," but couldn't think of anything better. Losing him was a horrible experience for me, but it was much worse for my mother Sarah -- she was utterly devastated. Before Dad's accident, she was a sexy, vivacious woman of thirty-five with long red hair, a delicate and beautiful face with adorable dimples when she smiled. If it hadn't been for me, Bill wouldn't have been in that accident in the first place," she whispered. "What -- Mom, what in God's name are you talking about? "On the day he died, right before he was going to work, I picked a fight with him. I was just in a crappy mood, and took it out on your father. we yelled and screamed at each other for nearly a hour. But by then, he was running late, and -- and he drove faster then he should have... I heard the door of her bedroom click shut, but her sobs continued.

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This story is dedicated with affection to Leslita author Jeneee...

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