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In all, Federal-aid legislation authorized a total of 9 billion to pay the Federal share of the cost of Interstate construction.(Interstate Construction funds were authorized through Fiscal Year 1996.) To Top Why does the Federal Government pay 90 percent of the cost?The siblings were accused of running a large drug-selling operation.David, 34, had one prior misdemeanor drug charge dating from from 1999 while Natalie, 36, had been charged with writing bad checks while she was out on bail.

Later legislation increased the limitation to 43,000 miles, of which a total of 42,795 miles has been used.When legislation failed in 1955, observers predicted that in the presidential election year of 1956, the Democratic Congress would not approve such a significant plan sought by a Republican President.Nevertheless, President Eisenhower continued to urge approval and worked with Congress to reach compromises that made approval possible. Through the remainder of his years as President, he searched for ways to solve the problems that plagued the program in its early years and pushed for continued work on the Interstate System.Separate legislation allows the Federal Highway Administration to approve additional mileage if it meets full Interstate standards and would be a logical addition or connection.Beyond the 42,795 miles, this additional mileage is not "chargeable"—that is, it is not eligible for Interstate Construction funds under the , as amended, although the State may use other Federal-aid funds to help with construction. The Interstate System was built under the principles of the Federal-aid highway program, which was established in 1916.This estimate covered only the mileage (42,795 miles) built under the Interstate Construction Program.

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