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My "Saturday Morning Question" - in which I asked whether readers can still remember their childhood telephone numbers - touched off a wave of evocative and wonderful reflections.

Two general themes: I think it makes a lot of us think about our folks, and our closest childhood friends. Doreen Putnam Mc Lane Sean, I saved our old phone which is a rotary desk phone.

Kathy Phillips To: Sean Kirst My father built our house.

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Top of the West Colvin Street hill, spent most of our time at Onondaga Park swimming and skating!!! Our home phone number then was Gr-58769 "Gr" for Granite. Long distance back then was only used in emergencies or for very important events or holidays.Hey, how many of you remember when we could call Gr148481 or something like that to find out the time and temp? Almost all the numbers were party line numbers and sometimes you could even hear the other parties talking. I really enjoy your articles; thanks for doing them.Sean, the ironing board in the kitchen set up next to the phone happened in my home as well ... His number "IN" downtown Syracuse in the Wilson Building was Gr-18769. If the number you were calling was busy the operator would tell you to call back. Let's just say you kept the conversation more about the weather than her .... John Sinnett Sean, My mother has had the same telephone number since at least 1955 when my parents bought their first home. When I was a kid, if we called within the Neptune area, we only had to dial the last 5 numbers.Student Assistance Program School-based mental health/substance abuse professionals provide on-site consultation, education and counseling services, including assessment, individual, group and crisis counseling, referral and follow-up to students/families.Talk Saves Lives: An Introduction to Suicide Prevention A 60-minute, community-based presentation that covers the general scope of suicide, the research on prevention, and what people can do to fight suicide.Shoreham Telephone was the last phone utility in the state to service party lines.

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