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Your registration pays for the special guests of honor you can meet, technology, program books, equipment, and everything that goes into putting an entire weekend of events together. HOWEVER, if you are with a school group of 10 people and the only way you can register is with a paper check, contact us for help and we'll take care of you. A badge is a plastic/paper card with your name and registration ticket number that lets you into convention events.You can pick up this badge, with a lanyard to wear it, at the registration desk when you get to the convention.This belief was taken up a notch when a folklore involving a father and son in Lincolnshire in the 1560’s started making the rounds.The pair were said to have been traveling one moonless night when a black cat crossed their path and dove into a crawl space.From that day on in Lincolnshire, it was thought that witches could turn into black cats at night.The belief of witches transforming themselves into black cats in order to prowl streets unobserved became a central belief in America during the Salem witch hunts.

Ani Minneapolis provides you with a safe, exciting, fun place to make friends with people who share the same interests, as you participate in your choice of hundreds of different events.

We recommend registering as early as you can, because your early registration helps us plan a bigger and better weekend. Your registration gives you access to the entire anamazing convention, which includes a weekend of over 50 different events, access to our massive exhibit hall, access to our video screening rooms, access to our video gaming room, and access to everything else.

At this time, none of the events cost extra to attend - any exceptions will be noted in the event description (though it goes without saying that you can buy things in the dealers room or one of our auction events). Online registration is much faster, and more secure, and your data is instantly entered into our registration database.

I pre-registered and can't make it this year, can I get a refund? We can send you a refund, minus a fee each, if the refund is requested soon enough after registering, but not when the convention is too close. Pre-registration helps us estimate the number of attendees we will have, and it helps us pay for things in advance.

We do not allow badges to be resold, given away, or otherwise transferred to other individuals. If you pre-register, we can invite more guests, buy more food for our Con Sweet if we have one, plan more entertainment, and a lot more. What do my convention registration costs go towards?

Today I found out the origin of superstitions surrounding black cats including why a black cat crossing your path is considered bad luck.

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