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Big bass effects remind you of a trip to the cinema once you’ve connected a subwoofer, an 850-watt low-frequency producer to highlight the thrills and spills of a large-screen auditorium.

"With the Beo Vision MX range, television becomes a versatile feature that assimilates into your home and lifestyle." Beo Vision MX makes TV a discreet part of your interior decoration.

Operation of all products takes place via the remote control.

ACCESSORIES - TV/Video Stand/Brackets: Beo Vision MX8000 motorised base (Part no 1407311) ACCESSORIES - TV/VIDEO: Beo Vision MX8000 DSS module (Dolby Surround Sound) (Part no 1400501) Beo Vision MX8000 Specifications Market, Intro year and Last sold: Market: Type: Intro.

Thanks to Bang & Olufsen’s technologies, Beo Vision MX 8000 delivers a sound pressure level capable of equalling many hi-fi systems.

Multi-channel sound experiences covered too, as the build-in multi-channel digital surround sound module allows the connection of several external Beo Lab loudspeakers, such as the or .

Either standing freely on the floor, placed on a dresser or on a motorised stand, your Beo Vision MX 8000 can show up where you prefer, rather than dictating where it should be placed.

Connecting to Bang & Olufsen's and videotape recorder takes place simply and easily, and Beo Vision MX 8000 also features the ability to serve as a Beolink® master, distributing sound and picture throughout the home in B&O’s popular distribution system.

Now in 2002, many similar words could be used when describing the 30th member of the Beo Vision MX family, Beo Vision MX 8000.year: Last sold: NEU 9100 2002 F- GB 9101 2002 GB 9102 2002 HK 9103 20 20 2002 Specifications: CTV Dimensions W x H x D/Weight 65 x 67,5 x 47 cm/ 38 kg Cabinet finish Black, Blue, Grey, White, Light Blue Power consumption Typical 81 W, 0,5 W Terminal included Beo4 Stand turning function -35 degrees. Camcorder/Auxiliary 3 x phono sockets (video in/audio L-R in) Headphone socket Mini jack Power Link 2 x 8-pin sockets Master Link (Optional) 1 x Master Link Digital Satellite (DVB-S) (Optional) 1 x F-connecter 2 x PCMCIA slots System modulator (Optional) 1 x 75 ohm aerial male (Splitter/System modulator Output). It seems to be the 1992 model with the more basic Beolink 1000 remote. MENU,1,1, PLAY doesn't seem to work unless I'm missing something.Picture tube/Visual picture 70 cm (4:3) - 66cm (viewable picture), Black line, Black Matrix Contrast screen Grey glass Vision Clear Automatic picture control Auto cut-off CTI Adaptive Luminance Peaking Scan Velocity Modulation Teletext Improved Teletext 9 memory pages per program CTV system According to type: B/G/D/K/I/L/L´/M, PAL/SECAM, NTSC on AV Tuner range 45- 860 Mhz, VHF band I-III, S, Hyper, UHF Pretuned TV programmes 99, auto naming 8 Program Groups Stereo decoders Menus Languages A2 NICAM English, Danish, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Swedish Speakers Power amplifier modules 4 units Frequency range 65-20.000 Hz Max sound pressure level 95 d B Cabinet principle/Net volume Bass Reflex/2.6 litres Woofer 100mm Tweeter 18mm Bass equalizer Adaptive Magnetic shielded Yes Satellite module (DVB-S) Tuner range 950 - 2150 Mhz Down conv. Set-top box Controller (Optional) Mini jack Optional features/modules: Digital satellite module (DVB-S) 4034 Set-top box Controller 4060 System Modulator EU 4016 System Modulator GB 4018 Master Link module 4015 Anti Reflex Contrast Screen* Digital Surround Sound module (AC-3/DTS) *Only available as factory fitted. TV Floor stand 4109 102 cm Motorised floor stand 4074 107 cm Motor base 4073 72 cm Shelf V8000/DVD1 4134 Market specifications: Market: Type: Country: Active CTV system Basic CTV system *) System modulator NEU 9100 A-B-CH-D-DK-E-GR-I-N-NL-P-S-SF-Other B/G B/G G F-GB 9101 F-CH B/G/L/L'/I B/G/L/L'/I/D/K G GB 9102 GB I B/G/L/L'/I/D/K I HK 9103 HK D/K/M/I B/G/L/D/K/M/I I AUS 9105 AUS B/G B/G G EEU 9106 SNG, EEU B/G/D/K B/G/L/L'/I/D/K G *) Basic CTV systems can be switched ON in Service menu Created: 22nd December 2006 Modified: 3rd September 2007 Author Notes: DBA Køberbeskyttelse med Pay Pal Sælger har valgt at sælge sin vare med DBA Køberbeskyttelse med Pay Pal. It just shows the software number (1.1)There are 3 consoles I want to use: Japanese Saturn - looks great.supply 14/18 Volts control, Tone Control (22 Khz), Di SEq C 1,2 Conditional Access Common Interface - 2 slots PCMCIA Middelware MHP (Multimedia Home Platform) Pre-tuned programs 9999 Radio or SAT Connections: Input TV Ariel, 1 x 75 ohms V. Når du betaler via Pay Pal sikres dit køb af en vare, som sendes med post eller leveringsfirma fra sælger til dig. Analogue Interactive CMVS - picture a bit dull even with contrast and colour maxed out.Uncompromising sound and picture quality come as standard.

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