Tips on updating your cv

When you haven’t seen a person yet and don’t know anything about him or her, every little piece of information is valuable and speaks about its owner.How not to do it One survey found that 76% of CVs with unprofessional email addresses are ignored, so think twice before including your funny or weird username in your professional document.How not to do it There are too many CVs out there that look like a list of life facts.

Check the requirements and responsibilities of the position carefully, and tailor your CV accordingly.

Use these tips to progress along the thorny path to your personal stars!

What if you could write the perfect CV and get the job of your dreams? You may even be competing with this genius applicant who wrapped a chocolate bar with her resume.

Both the CV and the resume offer a first impression of you, which is half the battle, as we all know.

These documents are really the first step in your personal advertisement campaign aimed at grabbing the recruiter’s attention and making him want to meet you and get to know you better.

We hate to disappoint you, but there are no perfect CVs on this planet. But still, try not to go too far with your creativity; otherwise your CV—and you—may seem like a joke: “I want my CV to be the one you’ll remember.

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