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It also has Android TV support if you want to play on a big screen.It’s one of the most popular local multiplayer games out there as well.[Price: Free] Glow Hockey 2 is a virtual air hockey table that features colorful neon graphics.

It’s one of the most popular and highly regarded games of all time and the mobile version is actually pretty good.

It also features a variety of single player modes to round out the experience.

It’s free with no in app purchases and comes with eight chess boards, seven sets of chess pieces, and a bunch of features to make the experience interesting.

On top of its simple, fun premise, there is also local multiplayer!

Each friend will need to have their own device, but you just connect over the local Wi Fi network and then race to see who can go the furthest.

It plays like a mixture of Super Smash Bros and Mario Party, but if it were directed by Michael Bay.

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