Trent reznor dating


In the past, Reznor used his material wealth to numb himself rather than examine any of these sources of psychic pain.Until recently, songwriting didn’t provide much therapy either.

For a band that wore arm-length fishnet gloves and black lipstick, they played so hard and fast that punks and heshers alike were pummeled into respectfulness. Undaunted, Reznor revived David Bowie’s career in 1995, touring with and remixing songs for his hero.“I think it’s easy to rationalize any behavior in any context,” he says.“But when you have success and some money behind you, it’s even easier.” All the platinum records and framed magazine covers and posters from the films he’s scored line the walls in here.He’s dressed in black: T-shirt, cargo pants, and sneakers with orange piping. Trent Reznor doesn’t really suck blood or ball gags. I’ve already been shown much of the interior, its hidden spaces, many of them cold and empty.I’ve even looked in Reznor’s fridge (Kellogg’s Special K Red Berries for breakfast). Like getting the quietest kid in class as your study hall partner. “It’s like being at a party and feeling like I forgot to wear pants, feeling like I’m on fire.” Reznor is adored by his fans, but his parents left him when he was six.He has seen the world with his band but was raised by his maternal grandparents in Mercer, Pennsylvania, a small mining town.

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