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Chances are that in such a case your defacto visa application isn’t that legitimate, hey?Is your defacto visa application primarily facilitating your immigration goal?If your documents suggest this, then you are on the wrong track.Defacto Visa Refusal If your relationship is genuine, you are far more likely to get refused on a visa law technicality rather than for a substantive reason…Like not holding the right visa at the time of application or being in the wrong location when you apply etc.So, address these gaps in your application head on.There are legitimate reasons why certain material could be scant or missing altogether.

Further, if there’s any adverse information, be the first to raise it.I’ve had defacto partner visas with only scant supporting material, approved, time and time again.Is the case officer is provided with enough credible information in the application to support your assertion that your relationship existed, to the required level, at the time prescribed by the Regulations, and that your relationship continues to exist now, at the time of decision?For the first category we have the winner of Yeah League, a.k.a. It was our largest submission in size by far and was downright pleasant to look at while exploring. We really enjoyed climbing over giant pixelated renditions of Yeah Jam Fury, based on sprites created by our very own SSF2 dev Friend Alias (a.k.a. And finally Kirbyrocket’s “Thinking Outside” stage was a mighty contender for Fury League.Just loading the stage in the builder caused our computers to chug, so this must have taken some massive amount of patience! It showcased a funky physics exploit that slipped under the QA radar (but honestly aren’t all bugs just features?This is one aspect of a submission system that I’ve successfully used in well over a thousand defacto partner visa applications made to the Australian Department of Immigration.

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