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First determine the what zoning your property is in by viewing the San José Land Use Zoning map.Once you have determined the zoning of your property, review the zoning ordinance in the San José Municipal Code to see what uses are allowed in zoning of your property.Take note if there are any other people or dogs with the person who kicked the dog. If you can follow the person at a safe distance while waiting for the police to arrive, do so. The police can usually get to the scene quicker than Animal Services.If you feel like it is safe for you to approach the person who you feel is not taking adequate care of their animal, tell them about your concerns yourself.The Police Department will in turn notify Animal Services to respond as well.Animal Services will follow up on the incident as best we can.

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In order to report abandoned vehicles, please go to the My San Jose's main page at: Click on the abandoned vehicle icon to begin.Cities have no way of obtaining proof that their residents have complied with the law unless they have a record.In order to obtain a record, cities must require residents to license their pets with the caveat being they cannot license their pet without first supplying proof of rabies.This is due to laws about disclosure of information and because the accused has a right to face his / her accuser.In the event of a criminal case, we will need the reporting party to be able to testify. You may be the only person who speaks up for this animal. We will prosecute animal abusers to the full extent of the law.The City of San José can then ensure that all dogs and cats licensed in their jurisdiction have proof of rabies and are in compliance with the State Rabies Mandate.

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