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I also noticed a couple other separate packages for Chinese IBUS input which are not pre-installed as well (zh-ibus-[chewing, pinyin]).

If you install those packages, it will probably provide IBUS support for those locales as well.

Here the problem is the difference between Konsole and other applications including chrome.

I am using ja-ibus-mozc(it's pre-installed in 10.2) in everyday life, writinge-mails and documents by ja-ibus-mozc Konsole emacs(-nw).

Slightly belated Secret Santa present for unamewsing on Twitter. Utena tries to go on a simple date with Anthy, but when Wakaba repeatedly fails to realise that this was her intention and accidentally gets in the way Utena has to face the fact that her feelings might not be as simple as she thought.

Try going into the PC-BSD system manager, uncheck the "Force IBUS input" option (and apply the change), then setup IBUS to be autostarted by your DE on next login and reboot.

If your DE does not provide access to enable/disable the autostart application, you can always start up IBUS by running this command: Thanks.

This gave me a test case of Qt5, GTK2/3, and "other" toolkits, and xterm was the only one which did not display the characters properly (square boxes instead), because the font I currently have loaded into xterm does not support them.

If you run into the same problem, changing to a font which does support non-english characters is recommended (such as one of the new "Noto" fonts).

"Good day to you," said the knight as she approached the witch.

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