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The Dell Inspiron 530s has 4 sockets RAM expansion slots, where you may install new memory, either by removing the existing installed RAM or adding memory to the free slot available.The important thing to consider while upgrading the Dell Inspiron 530s is to get the best from a Computer memory retailer.

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Those processors are around 10 on e Bay so it seems like an easy and ideal upgrade but I had a look on my motherboard and could not even locate the E6550 processor. Again, if there is somewhere I can confirm this kind of information that would be great because it doesn't seem like Dell offers much support in this area.Thank you for reading, any and all advice would be much appreciated! I remember asking on their forum or to technical support for advice and got quick replies.40 doesn't sound like a lot and I don't think you will get a noticeable improvement for that sort of budget.Hi, I think the machine will have extremely limited potential for upgrading.Dell and other major brands tend to customise their PCs a little making it harder to upgrade them using standard parts, often you have to go back to Dell (and HP does the same thing) and pay a hefty premium simply because they use their own connector, or had holes drilled in a different place by their own supplier.I considered buying a new PC but I realised that it will only cost about 30-40 to upgrade this PC so that I can go online and play people using the emulator, and that's all I'm really looking to do.

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