Updating maps on mapsource


Is there a default style file or do I need ot create one?

Trying to determine the magnitude of my tasks ahead.

I've not used java a great deal, although I've written batch programs and dabbled a lttle in C . Can In use wildcards on the mkgmap command line or do I need to list each tile explicitly?

If you've got multiple areas with different Family IDs and series names, they will list as separate pull-downs.

The only way to list them as a single pull down would be to re-build the tiles to all have the same Family ID and series name. I had downloaded the mapsets several months ago, and the installer only wrote one registry entry. I noticed since then that they have added links to download by state. i'd reaally like to crack th code and compile maps myself, so long as I dont end up breaking my mapsource installation. the maps I get from OSM Download are fine for my purposes, I feel no prese nt need to modify them during the compile process.

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