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key benefits: Special Reports are available upon request at an additional charge Contact us for more details and to get started today! You can easily update your parish mailing list by choosing one of these simple and effective methods...Please Contact us before switching to a different List Maintenance method.Which way you go with it will depend on your existing set up.Interestingly, Mail Chimp’s recommended way of handling this process is to delete your existing mailing list and email all your contacts from your regular email, asking them to sign up to a new list.Once everything was set up, we sent the mailing from their Mail Chimp account and at the same time updated their website’s sign up form to be double opt on so that from the point of the mailing onwards all automatic subscribers will be GDPR compliant.In a couple of weeks we’re going to repeat the mailing to anyone who didn’t respond to the first.Increase the accuracy and performance of your mailing list by matching your list against the USPS® Individual, Family, and Business move information.

Have your parish's contributions recorded quickly and efficiently by our experienced staff! Murphy provides to ALL its Envelope Mailing Customers for updating and maintaining your parish list in our "state-of-the-art" database.

Clean and standardize with MLC to perform USPS® CASS Certified processing, MLC exceeds USPS® Move Update Requirements with NCOALink, and MLC Ultra performs an address dedupe process to flag duplicate records.

Regardless of the service level, each process provides a Fast, Easy to Use, and Secure method to update your mailing lists online without purchasing address verification software to load on your local computer.

The plan was to send their subscribers a message basically saying “do you want to carry on hearing from us? So we used the Mail Chimp API to create some landing pages on their website - a Yes page and a No page.

The Yes page, as you might expect, thanked people for staying with them, and the No page said Graven Hill was sorry to see them go!

They are being sent an email asking if they still want to be kept up to date with news from that client, and when they click Yes they’re taken to a branded landing page with the new list’s sign up form on it, where we’ve already populated their email address so they just have to click “subscribe”.

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