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It is important you make sure that your address is correctly recorded with the Department of Transport and Main Roads. If you are the holder of a Queensland licence you cannot have an interstate residential address but you can have an interstate postal address.

When you notify us of your new home address, always write or say your address exactly as it appears on your household bills (e.g. Once you have advised us of your change of address, within 10 working days you will get a label showing your new address to put on your licence.

We have a database of valid addresses that is provided by Australia Post.

It is based on their delivery address database and is updated every 3 months. If your address isn’t in the database, you won’t be able to update your address online.

To exchange your non-EU driving licence: If you have previously exchanged a non-EU driving licence for an EU licence in another EU country, you can use it in Sweden.

Find out more about driving licences in Sweden at the driving licence portal.

Find out more about your licence type, including what it looks like, its security features, and the entitlements and vehicle categories listed on it.

When you tell us that you have changed your name, address or gender, all products you have with the Department of Transport and Main Roads in your name will be updated, including your: There is no fee payable to change your name, address or gender.

You must exchange your non-EU driving licence within one year of moving.

one that remains administratively valid for an unlimited period) that was issued by another EU country, will not have to renew the licence after changing your usual place of residence.

If you have an EU driving licence that was issued in exchange for a non‑EU licence, and you wish to move to another EU country with your converted licence, you should be aware that your new licence may not be recognised there. You need to check with the local authorities in your new country what the conditions are for recognising non-EU licences. Angeles is a Chilean who moved to Spain a few years ago.

The EU driving licence you were issued with when handing over your non-EU licence should contain a code indicating the country that originally issued it (e.g. As Spain recognises Chilean driving licences, Angeles was able to exchange hers for a Spanish one after meeting a few administrative formalities.

If your address doesn’t match any of the addresses in the database, it might be automatically corrected.

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