Updating your record


You will require Member API credentials for the sandbox testing server, as well as a testing record on the ORCID sandbox in order to test adding and updating items to the ORCID record.Check our getting started guide to learn how to get credentials and a testing ORCID record.Be sure to supply the correct DOI in your submission to ensure we update the appropriate record.You may update your metadata records as often as needed at no additional fee. If you find yourself in a bind, review this topic in our technical documentation then contact us with the details of your problem.

It is based on version 2.1 of the ORCID message schema.

Replace the bracketed data with your client information and paste directly into your web browser to generate an access token for testing (be sure to remove the brackets! URL=https://sandbox.orcid.org/oauth/token HEADER: Accept: application/json METHOD: POST DATA: client_id=Your client ID client_secret=Your client secret grant_type=authorization_code code=Six-digit code redirect_uri=Your landing page Before you can add an item to the ORCID record you will need to create it.

Format your data in the ORCID message schema in XML or JSON.

If you need to correct a journal, book, or conference proceeding title, send us the changes and we’ll update our records.

If you need to change an article, paper, or chapter title, you must update your metadata with the changes.

No, you can always update your metadata to make corrections or to provide missing data.

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