Validating a web form in php Easycam roulette


You will find more than 3.000 TV channels and more than 6.000 radio stations.

The broadcasting of online TV and online radio channels is absolutely free no sms, bills or other kinds of payment.

Note that we are using the htmlentities() function to encode any HTML entities like checks whether Round6 was selected.

If so, adds the checked attribute to the radio button.

The page also allows the user to request a telephone confirmation of the reservation.

(note that the form method is post in the HTML form).

When we display the form back again, it should not loose the form data the user already had filled-in.

So we have to display the value from the $_POST in the input value attribute.

Nowadays a lot of people use internet television for fun and work.

For comfortable online TV watching, the internet access speed 512 kbit/sec is enough, and it means that you are able to watch your favourite programs using wireless mobile internet.

You will work with some controls that perform all checking automatically, requiring no code.

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