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The kind of polyamory you're practicing—concurrent and equal romantic partnerships—may not be right for you.I'm not trying to YDIW you here ("You're doing it wrong!I just feel like neither relationship can progress while both exist. I don't think I want to stay in this setup indefinitely. I've talked to them, and they are both having reservations about the current situation.Even if my girlfriends liked each other, which they don't, I don't want sister wives or two families. Neither of them wants some kind of three-person family structure, either.The only thing I can think to do (besides running away) is wait and see if one of these relationships fizzles out on its own. Is wanting to be with "the one" just straight nonsense?

Finally, ENBY, it could be the stress of having two partners who don't like each other that has you fantasizing about escape and/or one of your partners evaporating.I'm a 24-year-old nonbinary person living in Florida. One I have been with for four years (we live together). They have both said that they see a future with me, but something doesn't feel right. Both relationships have their issues, but they are minor. Neither is interested in people besides me right now, although my longer-term girlfriend identifies as poly.It happened a handful of times, and I've never told anyone other than my partner.I'm now struggling to decide not whether I should tell my parents (I should), but when.I've been having fantasies about leaving them both.

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