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'I would never work as a lawyer in this shrashkina kontora [a swindler's outfit],' she yelled.

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The walls were bare and the furnishings were the cheapest of the cheap.Six months later, the website was shut down after funding, which came from an EU-based company, was cut off amid sanctions on Russia following its military occupation of Ukrainian territory that spring.The 23-year-old was left floundering in an expensive city and bombarded every publication he could think of with his resume.The number of security personnel, dressed in military-style uniforms, was curiously high for a media business, Vitaly noted.Entering the building also required using a special security pass via a turnstile – another unusual occurrence. A woman stormed pass him and out of the building, having apparently been asked for her passport information during her interview.He also found himself coming to the rescue of any clueless, new arrivals to the team.

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