Who is bruce jenner dating 2016

Caitlyn's photo, of the scenery, also included Sophia's legs.

The two women were spotted at the airport, returning together.

Also, they both snapped photos from Caitlyn Jenner's hotel room balcony in Cabo.We all likely remember the scene on when Caitlyn refused to dance with a man when she and the other women were taking dancing classes.She confessed that she knew that dancing with a man on camera, even just for fun, would immediately make headlines and she didn't want her children to see it.It could be that the two are dating, but Caitlyn doesn't want it to go public yet. Just because someone's gender isn't as it was assumed at her birth doesn't mean that her sexual orientation is up for grabs.It could be that the two are not dating but that Caitlyn doesn't mind if people assume that they are, as being seen as having a hot blonde 21-year-old girlfriend would be cool. Honestly, we've always felt that Caitlyn Jenner has some internalized issues that she needs to work through before she dates anyone. it's too soon to report that they're definitely dating. She'd told a therapist, decades ago when she was still deep in the closet, that it was her dream. Sophia had identified as a woman from a young age, coming out to her peers at 15.

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