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The 32-year-old is fashionably dressed and fit looking, like a footballer on a photo shoot, which isn't a million miles from the truth, and has just been delivered from Elstree Studios where he has been recording that afternoon's edition of OK! "I find it hard to be anything else, to be honest," he replies.

"I didn't really have the highest of hopes for the relationship [with Goody] but that wasn't really what mattered.

"It was a case of, 'I'm here enjoying my life because my mum said no to abortion...

where everyone at the age of 15 was telling her, 'Do not have this child'...

I fancied him so much I wanted to get his pants off there and then".

For the object of her lust, however, some mental adjustment was required.

"The person I'd spent three months shouting at on the TV screen had ended up being a good friend and then developed into something else," says Brazier.

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