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Zlatan Ibrahimovic, "being your sister to my house, I'll show you who is a faggot"Rob Lowe, Scott Speedman, Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki.

Minor anti-gay celebs from the UK, Mathew Horne & James Corden, George Lamb, Chris Moyles, Jeremy Clarkson, Rick Edwards, Every British Rapper and male R'n'B artist.

Al Murray Liam Gallagher, Everyone who works at the NME, Actually, it would probably be easier and much shorter list, to list pro-gay celebs from the UK."Adrian Brody (closeted)"This is news to me!

A str8 female friend was friendly with Adrian during the late 80s-90s, while he was based in NYC, they moved in the same circles. There must be a whole new group of writers working for the NME, when I was reading the NME, the late 70s through late 90s, most of the writers seemed pro-gay, pro-women and pro-minorities. He did a movie with Rock Hudson once and he said, I don't stand Rock Hudson other guys like him. I just think he was truly naive in this area that is all.

They're like the racists who supported Civil Rights in the '60's, but wouldn't want to date, marry, go to school with live next door to, or work with "Negroes."R28, Re. But I remember reading an blog ages ago where someone had met him at an airport and asked him for a photo or an autograph which he rudely declined.

The person who ran into him ended their account of the encounter with something along the lines of "..now I'm going to tell everyone that Chris O'Donnell is gay."Midler doesn't hate gays(the way most homophobes do), but she definitely feels her gay following/association has held her back from becoming more of a mainstream success.

Horne & Corden were slammed for being homophobic after a number of sketches in their ermm...

She said he was a really great guy, she never mentioned him being gay. He said they are so good looking, and they can have any female they want. I don't think he was mean spirited about what he thought of gays.

Accept he did tell Rock Hudson, look, whatever you do in your life is your is your business, but I don't want to know.

Hollywoods gay sensibilities are obvious to even the most naive observer... I wish the anti-Kristin Chenowith troll would give it a rest.

People change, grow, and evolve, which evidently Kristin has done.

On last Thursday night's episode of Praise the Lord, a faith-based talk show, host Matt Crouch announced: 'OK, are you ready for something?

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