Who is tboz dating

It's where my blood cells turn into these sickle like things, and get stuck while traveling through my body. T-Boz : Well uh, when I was little my doctor made me drink baby formula to stay healthy, but now since I'm an adult, I have a special doctor that comes to my house and helps me. [the music starts and Reagan smiles] Well, that's all for One On One With MTV for today, we'll see you next week!It blocks my blood flow and can be really painful, but I don't want people feeling sorry for me, because I don't feel sorry for myself. [Reagan turns to T-Boz] can you teach me some of your singing skills? I do a lot of things because I want to help others, but I want to be that chick that’s here to see my daughter grow old. I want to cheer for all of us, and it’s really a personal struggle and a fight for me. Your good friend Kandi Burruss is the new member of ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta.’ What do you think about that?It’s funny because she really has a great career for herself and she’s a phenomenal writer, so she has a lot of different things going for her than the other wives.I was happy to hear that she is engaged so that’s great.

- On sickle cell anemia- T-Boz : Back in 1992, everyone found out I suffer from sickle cell anemia.

But she's constantly coming up with new dreams, so instead of a four piece puzzle, she might end up with a 100 piece. [taps pen against leg] now, as I'm sure you've heard, people have said your group member was crazy because of the fire incident. T-Boz : [thinks] Well dag, yeah they have actually.

I know one of her little puzzle pieces was to have children, so we have to wait and see for that.

T-Boz : [shrugs] I'm not engaged anymore, and me and my ex aren't together if that's what you mean. T-Boz : I'm not dating, but I am seeing someone. Reagan : Now we all know Left Eye seems to have an I-Don't-Care attitude, but do you think what people say about her makes her sad or upset?

One time I had a man come up to me and just say "Oh, that no good Lisa Lopes will do anything for attention." and I had to put him back into order.

"Next would be to find the right guy." She did that one second, and she's happy with it.

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