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A fireplace can never match the efficiency of a stove. The carbon dioxide produced when burning is approximately the same as the carbon dioxide absorbed by the tree during its lifetime.

As long as the wood is not transported over long distances using fossil fuels, the CO2 emission of a fire is significantly lower than that of fossil fuels.

A cast iron fireback thus works like a radiator and may increase the efficiency of the fire by as much as 50%.

The thicker or heavier the cast iron fireback, the longer and softer this radiative effect.

Later the fireback received more decorative designs depicting classical stories, nature, and rural lives.

The fireplace fireback has always had two important functions: 1.

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Strategic marriages reaffirmed a family’s social position, launched a young man’s political or economic career, and offered the woman economic security.

However, as the eighteenth century progressed a gradual transition took place.

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It protects the backside of the fireplace against cracking and chipping.2.

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