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This is the time of year that people across the United States start talking once again about what they’re thankful for. It’s a word thrown around so much in Christian circles that it often loses its rich meaning, but grace truly is AMAZING.

Addams advocated correcting the failures of a system that does not offer the same opportunities for all.

Goldblum started her career as a social worker at the psychiatric emergency room at Bellevue Hospital, now known as NYC Health Hospitals/Bellevue.

She attended Hunter College, where she was schooled in the Jane Addams way of social work.

Addams, the mother of the modern social worker movement and a Nobel Peace Prize recipient, was not a clinician, as some social workers are trained to be now.

Apparently the student had been involved in what began as a verbal argument that escalated into a physical fight. It’s time to proclaim a “solemn assembly”, to gather the elders and all the inhabitants of the land, and cry out to the Lord for a fresh outpouring of his Spirit.

Both students were suspended, and this one was defending himself to the principal in an interview upon returning to school. As we mark the anniversary of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, we also join Church of God congregations across North America as we set aside today as a special day of prayer—prayers of humility, repentance, yielding, intercession, and recommitment to the Christ and His mission.

By the network’s reckoning, there are roughly 11 million children in the U. Government-sponsored assistance programs (such as SNAP, formerly known as food stamps) do not cover diapers.All of these books start with the premise that we are, indeed, created and designed for that purpose.Come with us as we look at what the Scriptures say about being Created to Serve, and how it applies to us, today.Today we focus on the farmer, and our call to not only observe his life, but to imitate. Chances are, if you’d didn’t get your coffee or if you didn’t get enough sleep last night, you may be a bit groggy. Otherwise, you probably resonate with what comedian Mark Lowry says: “If God wanted me to see the sunrise, He would have put it in the middle of the day! Historically, true revivals were also known as “awakenings.” In great moves of God throughout history, countless nonbelievers were awakened to new life in Christ while believers were awakened to their own spiritual stagnation and indifference. What are we missing in the community, in the world around us because we’re spiritually asleep?We’ll take a closer look at this notion today as we dig deep into Matthew 26.Or it can mean the difference between a parent who has sufficient resources to take a child to a decent day care center and a parent who must stay home for lack of, well, just a diaper.

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