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If you live in Scotland or Northern Ireland, you should visit the websites of either the GRO in Scotland or the GRO in Northern Ireland for further information on how to go about registering your baby's birth.It is also possible to register British subjects abroad in certain countries.But not everyone is convinced of the finding, and one UFO expert says that this is simply a plastercast model.Scroll down for video A group of self-proclaimed paranormal researchers may have found proof of aliens near the city of Nazca in Peru.

For more information on registering your baby, go to Directgov.If you are civil partners, you or your partner can register the birth on your own if all of the following applies: You must then register your baby together, complete a declaration of parentage form, or get a court order declaring parental responsibility.The form or the court order must be presented by you or your partner at the birth registration.Where to register your baby's birth The registration of births in the UK is overseen by the General Register Office (GRO).In England and Wales, you must register your baby's birth in the district where your baby was born within 42 days (six weeks) of the birth.Pictured right is a Cat scan of the corpse Jamie Maussan, an ex-investigative journalist who is infamous for his involvement in several high-profile UFO hoaxes, was part of the Peruvian mummy team.

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