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I could sit here and show you photos of conventionally attractive trans people.There definitely are trans people who you would never know were trans unless they told you, because they “pass” for cis. But I think arguing that you would only like a trans person if you didn’t know they were trans is a poor argument.I’m not going to tell you that you have to be attracted to this fat person, or that trans person, or that disabled person.But the more you work at unlearning your own prejudices, the more you’ll be able to see people from these groups as people rather than tired stereotypes.But again, if you find someone attractive and really enjoy spending time with them, there’s no reason why their weight should be a factor.Especially since we know that And lastly, let’s talk about disabled people.Be sure to give this video a like if you enjoyed it, and don’t forget to subscribe for more videos about various feminist topics.

It’s difficult because some queer people have built their sexual identities on these repulsions, but I don’t think they’re innate at all.

And if you were to say that you’re only attracted to people with vaginas or people with penises, it really feels like you’re reducing people just to their genitals.

You’re kind of objectifying them Anyway, my point is, we have implicit biases that we were raised with or that we developed over time, and they can be hard to get rid of.

We’re sold this image of the Conventionally Attractive Person, but in reality, all kinds of people around the world are constantly dating, having sex, finding people attractive, getting married.

It’s not only the conventionally attractive who find love or have sex.

I think you could be attracted to any trans person, I think the main concern that people have in regards to dating a trans person is that they won’t have the genitals that they expect.

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